Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brain Drain In Ecuador?

Brain Drain In Ecuador?

brain drain in ecuador

For years Ecuador's brightest minds have been leaving the country to obtain education and better opportunities. Sometimes they would return but most often not. This however is changing slowly as more and more of Ecuador's young minds are beginning to realize that leaving the beautiful country they know as Ecuador has many opportunities just waiting for the "picking."

The "brain drain" of Ecuador's talent pool lost to other countries just may be turning around. Recently the government has announced a way to put a lid on this by announcing some incentives. A special program has been created for the citizens of Ecuador. If you can get into one of 50 universities that are on the list the government will give you a scholarship worth up to $250,000.

Some of the universities on the list include Harvard, Yale, NYU and Oxford just to name a few. The government also stated that any major that is selected for your studies will be accepted. Is there a catch? The only thing that is specified in the criteria is that when you graduate from the college or university you must return to Ecuador and work for 2 years.

The announcement also included offering new immigrants to Ecuador a one-way plane ticket and grants to start a business. Many people feel that this is good incentive to help curb the "brain drain in Ecuador" so the young minds can remain in Ecuador and contribute to the country.

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