Sunday, April 8, 2012

Root Canal In Ecuador Update

Update to A Root Canal For $400 In Ecuador

I am happy to bring this great update to my previous post last week when I heard of $400 root canals rumored being done in Ecuador. Well, I can safely say that this happens to be true. In fact, it all depends on how much work is needed and how many teeth are to be worked on. I sent my good friend Miguel from Manta on a fact finding mission to a dental clinic in the city. Here is what he discovered while he inquired for prices on common dental work.
    Price Quotes
  • Tooth Extraction: Simple $30 Complicated $45
  • Tooth Filling: Small $20 Med. $25 Large $35
  • Teeth Cleaning: $40
  • Teeth Whitening: $240
  • Root Cana:l $140 per unit.
  • X-Ray: $10
  • Crowns: $140
  • Braces: $700-1500 depending on quality of braces.
It would be interesting to see what the prices in some of the other cities compare to in Ecuador. I know from a Canadian viewpoint these prices are very inexpensive. These prices were obtained from :

Dr. Luz Arbona Yepez.
 Manta centro local 214
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