Sunday, September 11, 2011

Puerto Cayo

Beautiful Puerto Cayo

Only 10 minutes south of Mirador San Jose down the scenic Ruta del Sol highway you will find the beautiful town of Puerto Cayo

Puerto Cayo is a dusty and developing fishing community with around 5,000 population.  Around the town there is great opportunity for exploring the beaches and local flora and fauna.  Surfing is known to be very good in the area and is still largely unknown to most tourists.  If you are looking for a great whale watching experience, then Puerto Cayo is a must stop for you.  Puerto Cayo is known to have some of the best whale watching opportunities on the coast.  The migration of the humpback whale takes place from June to September. 

Puerto Cayo is also the gateway to Parque Nacional Machalilla.  This large protected park created in 1979 also incorporates Isla de la Plata. 

My thoughts on Puerto Cayo

Puerto Cayo has much potential for future development.  The town itself is largely in desperate need of basic goods and commodities.  Tourism could play a larger role in this town in the coming years.  There is plenty of real estate opportunities and good potential for businesses of all types.  Puerto Cayo has a large swath of restaurants on the main beach in town.  Some diversity and investment could make Puerto Cayo more attractive to future development. 

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