Sunday, August 21, 2011


On the coast of Ecuador you will find a very popular dish called 'Ceviche.' This dish is made from fresh raw fish, that is marinated in citrus juices from lemons or limes, or a combination of both. Ceviche may have some chili peppers and a sprinkle of cilantro and be seasoned with salt and pepper. Ceviche usually has a few pieces of deep fried plantain on the side. I was skeptical the first time I heard of it, but the locals guaranteed that it was delicious and Ceviche seemed very popular here along the coast and is seen everywhere.

Ceviche is very tasty and I recommend you try it if you are in Ecuador. Most restaurants serve Ceviche and it comes in various combinations. The most popular types of Ceviche are:

Camaron- (Shrimp)
MixTo- (A combination of fish and shrimp)
Calamar- (Squid)
Pescado- (fish)
Pulpo- (Octopus)
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