Sunday, May 29, 2011

Things To Do In Ecuador And Nearby Places

I have assembled a list of things you can do from using Manta, Ecuador as your starting point. Please enjoy my list.


Machalilla National Park (67.3km)

Chimborazo (220.8km)

Cotopaxi (257.1km)

Cotopaxi National Park (259km)

Casa del Alabado Museum (259.9km)

Quito (261.7km)

Pululahua National Park (273.6km)

Sangay National Park (296.9km)

Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve (323.6km)

Cajas National Park (262.1km)


Cathedral of Las Lajas (400.8km)

Orito Ingi Ande (463.6km)

Cuyabeno National Park (544.8km)

Yasuni National Park (577.7km)

La Paya National Park (630.3km)

Serranía de los Churumbelos National Park (530.5km)

Cueva de los Guácharos National Park (551.9km)

Cerros de Amotape National Park (357.4km)

Podocarpus National Park (418km)

San Agustín Archeological Park (586.5km)

Palm Beach

Sanquianga National Park (474km)

Purace National Park (598.5km)

Gorgona Island National Park (519.7km)

Munchique National Park (602.3km)

National Archeological Park of Tierradentro (652.5km)

Chiribiquete National Park (906km)

San Cristóbal Island (967.3km)

Española Island (994.6km)

Nevado del Huila (696.8km)

Santa Fe Island (1036.9km)

South Beach

Genovesa Island (1035.6km)

Baltra Island (1062.6km)

North Seymour Island (1064.1km)

Santa Cruz Island (1070.9km)

Cordillera de Los Picachos National Park (803.7km)

Floreana Island (1079.6km)

Cali (676.3km)

Cahuinari National Park (1078.8km)

Bartolomé Island (1094.1km)

Malpeo (559.5km)

Saint Petersburg

Pinzón Island (1105.6km)

Rábida Island (1111km)

Marchena Island (1092.8km)

Santiago Island (1112.4km)

Galapagos Islands (1129.1km)

La Macarena National Park (892.6km)

Isabella Island (1147.7km)

Yumbilla Falls (635.8km)

Gocta Falls (646.6km)

Las Hermosas National Park (747.2km)


Fernandina island (1199.8km)

Amacayacu National Park (1202.3km)

Wolf Island (1259.5km)

Darwin Island (1287km)

Los Nevados National Park (869.7km)

Leticia (1252.9km)

La Candelaria (963.9km)

Gold Museum in Bogotá (963.9km)

Bogota (964km)

Botanic Garden Bogotá (966.3km)


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