Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Manta Ecuador Weather

Today I have noticed a bit of an oddity.  Why is it that when you search for Manta Ecuador Weather in your favorite search engine do you find such a variance in forecasting the weather for Manta, Ecuador today?

I check Manta, Ecuador weather nearly everyday and have not noticed this before. Is the forecasting for this particular area today gone astray, or did someone "goof" on the data put into the computer?  I have seen everything from the forecast being cloudy, sunny to raining.  Even the temperature varied from 26c to 31c for the same reporting period. 

Manta, Ecuador weather is usually similar from day to day with the only difference being the rainy or dry season.  As a weather fanatic I can say from my opinion that the best Manta, Ecuador weather that you can find anywhere is they have the best and most accurate weather reports for Manta, Ecuador.

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