Sunday, February 27, 2011

Retire in Ecuador

There seems to be some misconceptions on how much money it actually takes to live comfortably in Ecuador.  If you do a search in google you will soon find that it is all over the board.  Some say anywhere from $500.00 a month to as high as $1500.00 a month.  I am going on a mission to discover the actual amount it will cost you if you were to decide to retire or live in Ecuador.  I will bring you this information by interviewing residents of Ecuador that we have met over the last few times being there. Furthermore, I can input our own experiences as they come to us.  This is going to be a very interesting investigation as I am going to put an end to all the speculation period.  It is certain at this point that what it will cost `you' will be on your lifestyle. Subscribe to this blog so you don't miss the exciting news on Retire in Ecuador.
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