Monday, November 29, 2010

How it all started!

Do you ever wonder what your life could be like if you could say goodbye to the daily grind and live your dreams.  Both passionate travellers, my wife and I always dreamed of travelling the world and possibly retiring early to a warm climate.  Although Canada is beautiful and a wonderful country to live, the thought of experiencing countless more winters was loosing its appeal!  The increasing cost of living and constant struggle for job security left us wondering if we will ever be able to retire comfortably here.  After hours of researching and lengthy discussions,  we began looking at opportunities to retire early abroad  - within our modest budget.  For some reason, Ecuador kept drawing our interest time and time again.  Through our 'web-crawling', we came across a real estate opportunity by the ocean that was being developed by Canadian investors.  Needless to say, countless questions and discussions later we decided to take a trip in July 2010 to the property to see it for ourselves........
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